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Hot Stone Massage

An authentic hot stone massage is not simply the “gliding” of heated stones lightly upon the surface of the skin, but rather the stones are used as tools to deliver effective tissue and muscle massage at a pressure level comfortable to the client. The client can request light, medium or deep pressure, which is the beauty of the hot stone massage technique. It can be customized in an instant to the request of the client. The hardness of the stones makes for a fantastic deep tissue massage. This massage can be used as a tool to help the adverse effect of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome.

Remedial Massage

A Remedial massage treatment has so many benefits to improve the everyday running of your body. It will lengthen muscle fibres, remove lactic acid, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and fluid. Depending on your needs with remedial massage Melbourne cbd, you will notice improvements right away and with close consultation with the staff you can tailor the session to suit any problem areas. We warm the muscles from the inside out with special oils, we may apply specialized trigger point therapy to release the muscle and we will apply oedema massage to remove unwanted fluid and toxins.

Remedial Massage

Under 10’s price on application. We can help with growing pains also know as Osgood Schlatter disease.

Relaxation Massage

Do you feel run down at the end of each day, or for that matter at the start? Relaxation is something we all need, for some it can be gardening, reading a book or a walk with the dog, but important ‘me’ time is valuable to us all. A relaxation massage is a great way to un-wind and recharge the body. Feel invigorated and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. With total body relaxation in mind the session is designed to allow you to chill out and enjoy the moment. We use a special blend of oils to promote relaxation and we know that when you leave you will benefit from the experience.

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