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The funeral ceremony is an ancient ritual experienced by humankind in some form for centuries. There are many options available to you for this ritual. There is no right or wrong way to commemorate the life of your loved one. We will help you in honoring your loved one in whatever manner seems the most appropriate for you and your family.

Whether you choose a traditional burial or a cremation, visitations or viewings can be a part of the service. Viewings can be a time to pay your final respects to your loved one. A viewing or visitation can offer you an opportunity to say goodbye in a physical way. The old saying that “seeing is believing” often has real meaning in the case of death.

Viewings can be held a day prior to the funeral or memorial service, or on the day of the service followed by the ceremony of your choice. If cremation is the choice, casket are available for purchase or rental so that family and friends can visit the body of the deceased prior to the cremation.

Funeral Ceremony Location

A funeral service can be held at our cheap funerals Melbourne, your place of worship, or any other location of your choice.

Graveside Service

Families can choose the gravesite as the location for the funeral service. The burial follows the funeral ceremony. Graveside services may be arranged with, or without a visitation or viewing.

Memorial Service and Life Celebrations

Many families choose Memorial Services or Life Celebrations as a method of sharing memories of their loved ones. Typically, the casket is not present, and the service is held prior to the deceased being buried or cremated. These services can be conducted, for example, at our funeral home, your place of worship, a park, your home, or beside a river or lake. The options are endless.

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