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Welcome to our Wedding Melbourne celebrant website. We are delighted to be considered for your wedding ceremony. You can acquaint yourself with some of our celebrants here.

We are a small group of experienced Celebrants, dedicated to adding as much magic to your wedding day as we possibly can!!

We are mostly offering none religious or interfaith ceremonies to couples who may well have had their legal wedding in the Register Office in their country of origin.

We would first determine the style of your ceremony, perhaps with some humor and some pathos as we begin to devise the script.  

The ceremony here in Melbourne would be the emotional part of the marriage and has no fixed legal or religious rules so we have considerable latitude with regard to what we include or leave out. 

Elements such as the signing of the register breaks up the flow and so we tend to leave this out for example.  ​

Optional ceremony joys such as the Wine Box or the Tree Planting enhancements go down really well every time we include them.

Vows can be repeated after the celebrant, however more and more our couples choose to make promises instead.  For example traditionally we might say, “Repeat after me ‘I Jill Driver take you, Paul Betts to be my lawfully wedded Husband” and you so repeat.  Instead we can say “Do you Jill Driver take Paul Betts to be your lawfully wedded husband?” to which you answer “I do”.  This is less stressful for the couple we find!  

Quite often we conclude that section with a few humorous “I do’s” too!  (Such as “Do you Jill Driver agree to leave at least two weeks in the year in which you do not buy another pair of shoes” …  “Err, I do” !!! Or “Do you Paul Betts promise to start to hang up your coat when you come in rather than drop it over the back of a chair?”)  

We tend to play the ring exchange words pretty much as shown to ensure the gravity of the marriage commitment is emphasized at this point.
Lots more to talk about including potential readings and readers, venue layout and thus audio equipment, music for arrival and at the end, etc. etc.
Let us know by using the contact form if you would like us to send you an actual script as a starting point and you can tell us if the suggestions we make resonate with you both.

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