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Transmission is the second most expensive part of your vehicle after its engine. Taking good care of it is a must, however the time may come when you’re faced with a tough choice – either you need to get a new auto transmission service Melbourne, or rebuild your current one. If you feel you have a transmission issue, you should get to the nearest auto shop as soon as possible. Sometimes the damage may not be extensive and it is possible to repair it without full rebuild. The mechanics will usually get it tested with both visual inspection and a test drive. One thing to keep in mind there, that once a certain part goes, the other ones will soon follow, so replacing one part may not fix the issue after all.

The prices and cost of auto transmission service Melbourne always vary on certain factors, such as are you going to do this at a major brand auto shop or at a local mechanic, how old is your car, what type and make is your vehicle, or perhaps you’ve found another broken transmission of the same model that would make it easier to swap the parts. But in any case, if you decided on getting your transmission rebuilt, you will find out that it is often a cheaper option as opposed to getting a brand new one.

However, you should understand what is usually involved and keep in mind a few things. How does it work? First of all, it is removed from your vehicle and disassembled. Then all the parts are chemically cleaned and all the damaged ones are thrown out. After that the parts that required replacement are swapped with new ones, and your transmission is put together.

In most times technicians will also replace all seals, gaskets and perform all necessary electrical work if needed. In more advanced shops, they might even throw in a few newer parts since the transmission technology is always evolving.

Finally and most importantly, you should always get an extended warranty on the auto transmission. Most places will offer you default warranty for 1 year, but do try to get it extended to at least 3 or 4 years to ensure hassle-free driving for that period.

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