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modern home builders melbourne

Building your dream home is a huge responsibility. You don’t just put in a lot of money in designing your home, but also plenty of time and effort to zero down on the features you want to add to your home.

Whether you are remodelling your house or building a new one, you surely want it to have some fancy features, great design elements and a fine finish that manages to impress all your guests. The desire to have the best in a new home is the reason for many modern home builders Melbourne, Perth and other cities of Australia to develop homes with the latest features.

modern home builders melbourne

The ever-evolving home building trends require you to do some research before you shortlist your architect designed homes Melbourne.

Here’s what’s trending.

The minimalist trend still dominates Australian homes. However, homeowners are willing to experiment with some fittings and fixtures to fill in empty spaces.

When designing the living area, remember to keep things simple and well-organised. It’s obvious that in today’s time, technology is going to take over your space. But, you don’t want to show everyone how the cords and cables make your house a smart home. It is best to have them sealed, so your living room gets a clean look. You could consider adding the ultra-thin televisions trending these days to give your living room a more refined look.

Moving to your bedroom – you would want to add energy-efficient glasses to your windows. These windows help to control the temperature of your room so that you wouldn’t require artificial heating or cooling. For the flooring of your bedroom, you can pick materials like vinyls, laminates or wood, depending on your preference.

The kitchen can be given a classic touch with an all-white look. However, you should consider the amount of cleaning and maintenance this would require. Kitchens with bold colour furniture are trending lately. So, you can have a kitchen with navy cabinets. Metallic or patterned sinks in the kitchen are the next big things. You can choose colours like gold or brass to elevate the look of these sinks. To highlight the sink or stove area, you can use contrasting lighting.

modern home builders melbourne

White and grey washed bathrooms are still popular, but coloured cabinetry in the bathrooms is an upcoming trend. A pop of colour will spruce up your bathroom beautifully. White and grey shower tiles have dominated since years. While you can still opt for this combination, it wouldn’t be any harm to give grout colour tiles a shot. The flooring of your bathroom can be made of specialist wood that withstands water. To add a dash of elegance, you can follow the gold sink and tap trend.

Things to remember

  • Open floor plans are still a must-have in Australian homes. The idea of being restricted to a small room is not encouraged by Australians. They love to see wide-open floors in their homes, so they can interact with their family and friends, even when they are performing the household chores. However, it is important to know that open spaces in homes bring in the need for design continuity. The design transition from one space to the other should be smooth and steady. 
  • Australians love outdoors as much as they love indoors. Their relaxation sessions don’t just happen indoors, but in the exterior areas of the house as well. This calls for the need for comfortable furniture in the exterior too. The importance given to the furniture placed in the exterior areas of the house should be proportionate to that given to the indoor furniture.
  • Homes have had white walls since ages. But to add more warmth to the space, creamier shades can be picked. If you want to give your home a vibrant look, you can experiment with some dark shades as well.

Evolution of building material

Building a home requires a lot of material, and with more material options available in the market, there’s a lot of scope for experiment.

Any building material that hits the Australian market has been checked for its quality, safety and reliability, so there’s nothing to worry.

Building-product manufactures are now focusing on inventing new materials that are efficient, better looking, and even more durable.

Something as basic as bricks have seen a style upgrade. You are no longer restricted to the choice of installing brown, red or cream bricks in your home. Instead, you can opt for vibrant brick colours like black, green and blue that are easily available in the market. Brick manufacturers also understand that the requirement of two houses cannot be the same. Hence, they have begun providing bricks that vary in sizes and thickness and suit your home needs.

The roofing materials have also undergone style evolution, so you now have the option to go creative with your home’s roof as well. Material builders are designing roofs with a zinc-like finish to let you add a classy touch to your home.

It’s a known fact that Australian homes are all about big glass windows. Glass lets in light and view and hence architects prefer adding large windows to homes. Glass manufacturing companies understand that glasses need to bring in light but obstruct outside noise and extreme temperature. This has made them design glasses that offer better insulation and are energy efficient.  

If you are building your home from scratch, it will become easy for you to incorporate these smart materials in the construction of your home. However, if you have the basic structure ready and you want to renovate your home as per the latest trends, you can rely on the styling tips mentioned above.

People looking to buy homes anywhere in Australia will notice how some of the latest features are already included in the new homes provided by builders these days. Modern home builders in Australia are focusing on developing energy-efficient homes to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without artificial cooling or heating. There are also many townhouse builders in Melbourne and other cities that are incorporating the latest trends in their ready to move in properties.

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