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Limestone For Flooring: Benefits And Tips On Using It

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that forms when several minerals precipitate out of water. A small percentage of it is carbonate rock however, it is mainly dolomite. It is found in many places around the world and has several applications including being one of the best building materials. In fact, it has been used as a building material since the middle ages. Some of the most popular structures around the world have been built with limestone. This includes landmarks like the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt as well. It is still used for many applications in modern houses and has several indoor and outdoor applications. It tends to provide a sense of sophistication and give a touch of elegance to our house. This article goes on to explain the benefits of using limestone for your home and is a must-read for those searching for a limestone supplier in Melbourne.

Type of material for flooring

There are many options available when it comes to selecting a good flooring material for the exterior or interior of the house. Some of the popular ones include marble, vitrified tiles, granite, bamboo, concrete, brick, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, timber and many more. Listed here are some of the popular options:

  • Marble: This is a natural stone that is also popular for flooring and popular for its beauty, elegance and timelessness. This is a more expensive option.
  • Vitrified tiles: These are like traditional ceramic tiles and made from silica and clay. They tend to cost more than the ceramic ones though however less than marble.
  • Vinyl: This is often chosen as pet-friendly flooring and is also more affordable. It is a sound-absorbent and warm material.
  • Hardwood: Wooden floors are preferred by many all around the world. It complements the furniture especially if it is in classic dark shades.

Advantages of using limestone in Melbourne

This is one of the most aesthetic stones that create a big impact wherever installed. It is useful for both internal and external applications. It has several useful properties that make it ideal for use as flooring material. Listed here are some of the advantages of using limestone:

  • It is ideal for places with high traffic like foot traffic, trolleys, bicycles, and also vehicles.
  • These are strong tiles and also slip-resistant thus making it ideal for use in wet areas as well.
  • It is easy to maintain since it does not tend to collect dirt.
  • This is also the more eco-friendly option when it comes to picking the perfect building material for your house.
  • It is highly durable and incredibly strong and long-lasting; which is clearly evident from the ancient house built from limestone that is still standing. Unlike other alternatives, it will not need replacing and does not demand a great deal of maintenance either.
  • They have a very useful property of retaining heat hence it is ideal to walk on in winter. At the same time, it is also ideal to use in the scorching heat in summer since it will be cool to walk on. This can also help keep your energy bills low.
  • Limestone slab in Melbourne is beautiful, elegant and each one has a unique veining, colour and natural characteristics. It will give your house a classy and stylish touch.
  • Limestone is the more cost-effective option and also has a luxurious appearance that has the potential to elevate your home design and atmosphere.
Limestone is also easy to procure as a building material in Melbourne. There are several natural stone suppliers in Melbourne offering such products making it easy for homeowners and builders to purchase them.
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