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Language and speech problems are one of the common problems in children now a day. As per Speech Pathology Australia, one in seven children has a communication disability. They face problem in speaking and understanding language, reading, voice, and much more.

The speech therapy exercises for toddlers as per the speech pathologist in Australia aims in treating difficulties related to:

  • Speech or pronunciation
  • Reading and writing
  • Understanding of language including the use of words and sentences
  • Stuttering
  • Listening
  • Social skill
  • Voice
  • Swallowing and much more.

How To Know That Your Child Needs A Speech Therapy

Most of the parents instinctively can make out if their children have any speech problem. Viva Speech Pathology has a checklist, which helps parents to decide if their toddlers need speech therapy or not. You should refer to the speech therapy exercises for toddlers if:

  • You and your family member is facing difficulty in understanding your child.
  • Your child’s way of speech is frustrating him because he gets continuous teasing for it.
  • Your child uses fewer words while speaking than that of the other children of his age.
  • Your child is stuttering.
  • Your child is struggling while reading and writing.
  • Your child’s interaction is inappropriate or unusual.

It’s very difficult to judge as the rate of development of speech is different for every child. You will have to observe if your child’s rate of speech is constantly improving or not. It’s natural that by the age of three you must be able to understand what your child says and at the same time your child should be able to understand what other people say.

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