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Finding a right international freight forwarder in Australia can be a complex and confusing task. So, it’s better to know beforehand where to start, what to do for successful movement and whom to trust.

If you are new into the export/import business and want to ship your products overseas, one of the foremost things you want to tick off your list is to find a reliable freight forwarder in Sydney.

In a simple definition, a freight forwarder is a company or a person that organises shipments for the exporters or importers to make the smooth movement of goods from the manufacturers to customer, market, or the distributors.

They act as an intermediary between the client and different transportation services. Sending goods from one international point to another is a highly complex method and involve a number of carriers and legalities. A responsible freight forwarding company is responsible for relieving you for the massive burden of handling the considerable logistics tasks.

Choosing a perfect freight service provider which suits your budgets and requirements is essential for the success of your business. The correct choice not only provides increased efficiencies and cost savings but also with the peace of mind that your goods will be delivered to your customers safely on time.

Checklist To Choose A Right Freight Forwarder

If you are new to the export/import business and doesn’t know how to look for the right freight forwarders in Sydney, you need to consider the following valuable points:

Full Transparency & Integrity

Always try to seek full transparency and integrity regarding your payment for the consignment. Check whether the forwarder has a proper reporting and tracking system or not. You need to be beware of the extra charges and also the hidden costs.

Understand & Extrapolate

You need to find your own forwarder and try to export and import goods on a free on board (FOB) basis to control costs, flexibility and visibility.

You need to analyse and extrapolate what your exact logistics needs are. You should ask appropriate questions before choosing any freight forwarder candidate.

Determination Of Proper System & Process

Finding an apt freight forwarder having a good reputation with proper system and process is essential for the success of your business. You can seek the help of your company network and social media to find a reputable forwarder of your choice.

Final Thought

It’s very important for the service providers to understand the business lane you are shipping and the proper solution to move your goods on time and in a safe condition. He should also ensure that the forwarding services are in perfect compliant with relevant regulations.

You can contact Stockwell, a reputed freight forwarder of Sydney for a comprehensive shipping solution.

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