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Basic car maintenance tips for a stress-free drive

For every individual buying a car has always been a dream. Yes, everyone wants to own a car and at some point in life and you end up buying one for you. It is not only a simple vehicle; it is the symbol of status and pride. When you buy a car, it has its own set of challenges.

No matter what vehicle you own, maintaining them is very important to keep it in good running condition. Here are a few car maintenance tips that could help you to worry-free drive.

Go through the manual first

When you buy a car it comes with its manual. First, you have to read it to know more about your car. The manual will have details like service interval, engine oil change interval, and some troubleshooters. If you have some basic problems then you can only encounter those problems with the help of the user’s manual. The mechanic will also recommend you to read the manual and understand it well.

Change engine oil

Engine oil is very important to your vehicle. It flows inside the engine and keeps things intact. It is very important to change the engine oils at regular intervals. This is because it affects the health of the engine. You can simply check the engine oil level through the digital display if it is a digital gauge. When you go for the car service you can ask the mechanic to show how to check the oil level. Make sure you always maintain the prescribed oil level and also check for the quality of the oil on a longer run.

Check all the fluids

There are even other fluids in your vehicle and it is important to consider them for a longer run. Some of the important fluids are coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and AC coolant and washer fluid. Make sure you fill the fluids as per the markings. Have a check on them regularly. Even you can take the help of the mechanic. If you change the fluids at regular intervals you can save a lot of money and also you can keep your car in pristine condition.

Give a check on the battery

As for how fluids are important, a car battery is also important. To make you understand the importance, a car will not run without a battery. Nowadays you get modern batteries and they are easy to maintain. You only need to check them once in a while. If you find any rusting or damage make sure you clean them. You have to run your car at least twice in a week and doing this will keep your battery alive for some years. On a longer run check the batteries and replacing them is also very simple.

Check tyre pressure

Make sure you give a check on the tyre pressure at least once in 10 days. If you have the under-inflated tyres, it can affect the handling and will also result in more fuel consumption. There are chances for the tyres to wear out faster when they are under-inflated. At the same time over-inflating is also not safe, it might result in tyre burst. It is very important to maintain the tyre pressure that has been advised by the manufacturer.

Check the wheel alignment

A proper wheel alignment to a car is very important. The wheels of your car have to be aligned if the car drifts to the sides when you are driving in a straight line. You can just visit a wheel alignment centre and they will do it for you. You can even rotate your tyres and check whether it is rotating freely or not. Ensure that there is no rusting in the wheels. All these precautionary checks will save you from a big problem.

These are some of the basic auto maintenance tips that one should follow. By following these tips you can avoid frequent car repairs and also it helps save more money.

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