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How 5G technology can change the world?

As you all know, there is advancement in technology and it moves on day by day. From 3G to 4G the move was uneventful. Still, some phones revert to 3G more often. 5G, what’s the big deal about it? Is it something that will shake the things up or leave us wanting? It might be the waves, the big ones.

5G can be explained in a lot of different ways. For example, moving from 4G to 5G is likely to be moving from typewriter to computer. It has the potential to revolutionize the way we are using the mobile phones. 5G technology will be able to handle billions of IoT devices. It can simultaneously process and manage the data premises to create new opportunities in reality.

Autonomous driving and flying

The 5G technology can push autonomous cars and drones into the public sphere. Even some people call it the oxygen of self-driving cars. This is because of its speed and the ability to compute in the real-time. Not only the vehicles, but it can also even connect the people, buildings and the street light in ways the 4G simply doesn’t allow. Therefore 5G could result in creating better, smarter and safer vehicles that can incidentally avoid accidents and can keep the streets safe. This technology relies on the concept of IoT and together makes new changes every day.

Remote robotic surgery

Remote robotic surgery is not something very new. Some robots have been performing procedures for several years till now. Then what is special about 5G in remote robotic surgeries? The special thing about 5G is it allows the physicians to take the technology on the road. That is it can perform the surgeries from hundreds of miles away. This can be done as it is so reliable and there will be no unexpected glitches or down-times during the procedures. This technology could revolutionize the healthcare department. This could be more useful for people living in the remote areas of the country and all over the world.

Smart factories

For quite some time people have been involved in innovating the factories. Especially innovation relates to the IoT and it creates an industrial revolution. But what is with the 5G technology in the industries? The 5G technology is 100 times faster than that of the 4g technology and also it is 10 times faster than the broadband creates new models of factories. Therefore with 5G, unknown things are created and it is not just the improvement of the current process.

Immersive gaming and augmented reality

The gaming community is celebrating with the 5 G technology more than any other. The 5G technology has a special speed and it allows developing truly immersive real-time gaming. This is created without any technical glitches and lags. Even the 5G technology aims in reducing the latency times and will also allow the development of even more and better-augmented reality. Further, it blurs the link between the real and the artificial experiences.

Supply chain management

IoT plays a huge role even in the industrial sector. When considering IoT and 5G together, the entire supply chain will get benefitted. It can connect and allow communication among a widely disparate group of connected things. Both these together can provide greater efficiencies for the customers.

Will 5G bring about a new era?

It certainly seems likely. Because 5G is wireless network infrastructure and is better than anything that you have seen till date. With 5G technologies, you will be able to access anything related to health care, business and much more. It will bring new technological revolutions in all the departments. Of course, it will bring a new era and there is no doubt in it.

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